[DIY – Dreamcatcher]

I see people all the time creating beautiful dream catchers on Pinterest and I decided I wanted to give it a try as well! Pictured here is the two I created and I will give a small DIY guide on how to make one (or more) yourself!


[step 1]: gather all your materials.


Items Needed:

  • Doilies (I bought mine at Michaels for $1.50 each!)
  • Wooden Embroidery Hoop (I got mine at Michaels for around $1)
  • Ribbon or scrap fabric (I got some of my ribbon at Walmart for around $1 and had some random fabric laying around the house)
  • Beads
  • (Optional) Feathers
  • Scissors
  • String

[step 2]: untwist the wooden embroidery hoop and put the doily in between the two hoops.


Carefully twist it back together with the doily in between the hoops until it is tight enough.

[step 3]: start putting the ribbon/fabric through the holes.


  • Fold your ribbon or fabric in half. (Keep it pretty long. You can always cut it to your liking later.)
  • Start from the bottom (to cover the twisty metal part) and pull the middle of the ribbon or fabric through.
  • You will then pull the ribbon or fabric through the loop you have created.
  • Pull it carefully until it is tightly secured and feels snug.

[step 4]: continue with the rest of the ribbon/fabric of your choice.


Notice the different lengths. This is okay. You will be cutting it later.

[step 5]: (optional) cutting the edges off of doily.

You don’t have to do this part but I prefer it and I personally think it looks better.

[step 6]: cutting the ribbon/fabric.


Keep the middle ribbon/fabric the longest and slowly go to each side keeping it evenly a ‘V’ shape as pictured.

[step 7]: add beads and feathers!

You’re almost complete! Now time to add any beads or feathers to your liking! I personally only added 2 feathers to my first dream catcher I made. With my second I decided to keep it with just a few beads here and there.


Now you’re complete! All together this project only cost me around $5! I already had a lot of the stuff at home like ribbon, scissors, beads, and fabric. This could be close to a free project if you already have the stuff collecting dust at home!

Enjoy your new dream catcher to keep all the bad dreams away!


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