[DIY – Harry Potter Snitch]

Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to make a Harry Potter Snitch to hang on your Christmas Tree! I swear its super easy and barely requires anything. You could make a ton of these for a few bucks!

harrypottersnitch diy

[Materials Needed]:

  • Gold Ornament (I bought a pack of them for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • White Feathers (You can get these at Walmart or any craft store)
  • Hot Glue

[Step 1]: Put a tiny bit of hot glue on one side


Figure out where you want the front of the snitch to be and put a tiny spot of hot glue on one of the sides.  Hold your feather carefully on the hot glue for a minute until it feels like it is secure!

[Step 2]: Put hot glue on the other side!

harrypottersnitch diy

Now that one side is attached you can do the same for the other side!! Place a little bit of hot glue and stick the feather on!

[Step 3]: Attach an ornament hook

I have so many of these laying around but I know sometimes when you buy ornaments they come with some hooks. If you don’t have any hooks laying around you can use some string!

WASN’T THAT SUPER EASY GUYS!?! I love how pretty they turned out. I’m glad I used the sparkly glitter ones because they look so good on the Christmas Tree.

harrypottersnitch diy


harry potter snitch diy

If you’re interested I have a few other Harry Potter DIY’s such as a Magic Wand Christmas Ornament, Book Cover Ornaments, and lastly an Envelope.

Thank you so much for reading!


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