[Christmas Santa Bathroom Decor]

My mother and I are a little extra when it comes to Christmas decor. It’s only November 4th and we’ve already started putting away the fall decorations and brought out the Christmas decorations!! The first room we always decorate is the bathroom! We’ve collected a bunch of Santa items throughout the years and I thought I would share some pictures of how we put it all together and also where we have bought most of these items!

Keep in mind that these stores might not have these items anymore because this is stuff we have gathered for years, but hopefully you will be able to find items that are like them!


  • Star (Walmart)
  • Red Candles (Kroger)
  • Santa Believe Towels (Kohl’s)
  • Santa Suit Ornament (Kohl’s)
  • Red PJ Suit Ornament (Kohl’s)


  • Naughty & Nice Towels (Kohl’s)
  • Santa Suit Hanging Towels (Kohl’s)
  • Santa Suit Hanging Ornament (Kohl’s)
  • Wine Glasses (You can get these anywhere, even Goodwill has a good selection)
  • Ornaments (Dollar General but can be found anywhere)
  • Santa and Rudolph Loofah’s (Walgreens)


  • Santa Head Toilet Seat Cover (Lowe’s)
  • Santa Rugs (Kohl’s)
  • Santa Shower Curtain (Ebay)


  • Santa Hand Towel (Kohl’s)
  • Bath Tub (Bath & Body Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set)
  • Ornaments (Dollar General but you can get them anywhere)
  • Santa Stuffed Animal (Kohl’s)

christmas candy cane diy


  • Candy Cane Wreath (Created by me. DIY to make your own here HERE)


  • Santa Soap Dispenser (Kohl’s)


  • Christmas Decor Frame (My mother made this)

I might make a DIY on how my mom created this if people are interested! It’s really easy and fun to do!

Thank you for visiting and looking at my Santa themed bathroom!

I hope you are able to get inspired from these pictures to do your own Santa themed bathroom this December!



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