[DIY – DollarTree Grass Vase Decor for Only $4]

Do you have a room that is just lacking some color? Adding plants is always the answer! Seriously, adding a vase with some flowers or grass can really bring the room together. Our bathroom is a Beach/Palm Tree kind of theme and has been needing some more decor that matches so I came up with this!

DollarTree always has vases, vase fillers, and fake plants so I decided this would be a great place to look. I wanted to just add some green into the room and was looking for some plain fake grass. I came across some grass that had these butterflies attached. I noticed that they come off really easily so I went with them. You may be able to find just grass at your local DollarTree. If not, see if the other stuff attached comes off easily like these butterflies.

Below is all the materials you need and the steps to take! Enjoy!

[Step 1]: Gather Your Materials

[Items Needed]:

[Step 2]: Take Butterflies Off

These are super easy to remove! Just pull them off and pull off the little green part as well.

[Step 3]: Add Your River Rocks

Start with putting 3 rocks at the bottom and put the ends of the grass in between them. Keep adding them all until it looks the way you want!

[Step 4]: Display it Where You Want

You’re finished! I love the way this looks. It really brings some more color to our bathroom!

Leave a comment if you have done something like this before or have any questions!



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